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  • The Lebert HIIT System is made of ballistic nylon strapping with UV protection, durable handles, heavy-duty stitching and weighs just over 1 pound.


  • One Lebert HIIT System with two anchors and carrying bag.


  • FREE workout video download of the HIIT Body Transformation Program. This full body workout with the HIIT System is for any fitness level and can be done anywhere!
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Product Description


This new, multifunctional training system is the first of its kind and perfect for at-home and in-gym use. Working out with the Lebert HIIT System can help you boost your metabolism, get stronger and improve your V02 max.

This brand-new, multifunctional training system is the first of its kind and perfect for at-home and in-gym use. The ability to incorporate dynamic unilateral, rotational, and bilateral strength-building movements makes it the most effective high-intensity trainer ever—perfect for beginner and hardcore athletes alike.

That’s because this innovative trainer allows you to leverage your own body weight as a tool to gain strength and improve muscular endurance through dynamic resistance. The best part? The level of resistance and difficulty is fully and instantly customizable. No weights or time-consuming setup required.

Transition easily through hundreds of exercise options that target specific muscle groups, work your core, improve stability, or provide a full-body challenge.

How does it work? The integrated friction ring allows one side of your body to resist the other in every plane of motion. Use it to load any exercise you can imagine: rows, presses, arm curls lunges, squats, and more.

Then, change the placement of your feet to switch it up and use it like an old-school suspension trainer for a full upper body and core workout.

Designed with versatile anchors and a third handle for partner training, the HIIT System works in virtually every setting. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to store and easy to throw into a bag to use while travelling.

Breathe new life into your workouts with the Lebert HIIT System. The possibilities are endless.

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