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XL Black Lebert EQualizers +
Lebert HIIT System +
PT Playing Cards
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NEW Lebert HIIT System +

Designed with versatile anchors and a third handle for partner training, the HIIT System works in virtually every setting. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to store and easy to throw into a bag to use while travelling.

Breathe new life into your workouts with the Lebert HIIT System. The possibilities are endless.


  • The Lebert HIIT System is made of ballistic nylon strapping with UV protection, durable handles, heavy-duty stitching and weighs just over 1 pound.


    • One Lebert HIIT System with two anchors and carrying bag.

PT Playing Cards

Created by the team at The Industrie PT, ‘PT Playing Cards’ assist Trainers and fitness enthusiasts create and organise easy, fun, interactive and effective sessions which your clients and friends are sure to love.

For the trainer with groups of clients, no need to try and remember what exercise at what station, simply place a card with the desired exercise at each station. Easy, quick & professional.

Lebert Fitness Equalizer – XL Black

Set includes two (2) Lebert EQualizer® bars and instructional DVD
Weight capacity 181.5kg (400lbs)

The Lebert EQualizer® was developed for body weight strength training but this versatile set of bars can also be used for cardiovascular training, muscle strength and endurance and stretching, with over 75 exercises that can be done.


Ultimate all-in-one piece of strength training equipment
Hundreds of exercise options
Easy to modify exercises to suit your fitness level
Safe, lightweight and easy to store


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